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Geographers say there are two kinds of islands. This is valuable information for the imagination because it confirms what the imagination already knew. Nor is it the only case where science makes mythology more concrete, and mythology makes science more vivid.

Desert Islands and Other Texts
Gilles Deleuze

Tools of the Trade

Continental islands are accidental, derived islands. They are separated from a continent, born of disarticulation, erosion, fracture; they survive the absorption of what once contained them. Oceanic islands are originary, essential islands. Some are formed from coral reefs and display a genuine organism.

Desert Islands and Other Texts
Gilles Deleuze

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Kush Seokyong Shim

🎓 graduated from
Hanyang University B.Architecture
in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷
and University of Arts London M.Art graphic design
in London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Brand Designer @HyundaiCard

Lecturer @Korea University

Branding Designer @The First Penguin

Graphic Designer @YG Entertainment

Art Director Internship @TBWA KOREA

interest currently lie in pencils, papers, and a cat.
living in seoul with a gray-coloured cat, Hoji. 😺

instagram  @soquud.psd
blog  @seokk325

+  press

Begun, Creative for us  Jan 2015
CA Korea, My folio  Aug 2015
Notefolio  Aug 2015
SOCKS, French Design Magazine  Mar 2016
DESIGNEY  Jun 2017
Totem  Apr 2018


Jumaljun 週末展 Jan 2017, Seoul
Fragments  Sep 2015, London
Cookhouse WIP show  Feb 2015, London
8 Portraits and 2 Landscapes  Feb 2014, Seoul
Portrait of Their Landscape  Oct 2013, Seoul

kush seokyong shim