Kush Seokyong Shim

Branding Design
  1. .txt
  2. geulwoll 글월
  3. Komune 
  5. M1CT
  6. 5 Lawns 7:04
  7. das ist PROBAT.
  8. therethehouse
  9. Astronaut Supply
  10. 七福商會
  11. Le Feux
  12. AlterSide
  13. Confier

Album Promotion Design
  1. BLACKPINK Debut Promotion
  2. BIGBANG 3rd L.P.
  4. iKON <#WYD>
  5. AKMU Studio Concert

Poster Design
  1. MUJI Campaign
  2. Berlin Illustration Fair


Exhibition <Architecturalisation>

Exhibition <Architecturalisation>
seokyong shim
Sep. 2015
web design + editorial design + digital illustration
various size and media

Every art, in one way or another, involves appreciation by the general public. Architecture is no different but has its own unique point, that is, a three-dimensional space involving the value of ‘experiencing’.

This project focuses on how to transmit indirect experiences or vicarious satisfactions using two-dimensional graphic elements. I have also been exploring the process on how to create real architecture through ‘architecturalisation’ – the process involving my personal perspective in ‘thinking architecturally, presenting graphically’.