Portrait of Their Landscape

Portrait of Their Landscape
seokyong shim
Nov. 2013
1120 × 760 mm (each)
pencil on paper

Generally, section drawing of architecture is enough to show size, volume, and structure of it. On the contrary to this, I thought, in this project: dwelling space design, it is more important to draw landscapes of portrait including zoom-in or out scenery of people rather than physical size of building. In large paper, there are connected section drawings (or landscape, portrait) of sliced views in various directions. I would like to be an artist with a keen eye for the world. With the pace of change in the world getting faster, we often miss many things. It is important for a designer to observe the changes in detail and develop his own view on the world. Broadening my artistic interests is one of my responsibilities to communicate with people.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles